Monday, December 26, 2016

Hey Everybody its a Green Christmas or Grey if you want

Hello All,

This Christmas was great we had a week of alot of meetings and some proselyting time. A companion I get to tease about being trunky(he goes home on Wednesday). Members were nice to us, Call home to Family, and Lots and Lots of Candy and Ham. I think the ham thing is kind of funny. Who decided that Turkey and ham were the "festive" Meats and that those are the one you are supposed to eat on Thanksgiving and Christmas? So we had a lot of ham this week and I want to blame them for even more sugar(I don't hate ham, I love ham and that is the problem). Oh yeah this week was transfer calls. and.... I will tell you throughout the letter who my new companion is.  I am staying( so if a letter has a number next to it that is a letter of his name. Yes they are in order. i.e. (1Elder))So this is going to be fun. So first off thank you for all of the letters and packages this week(shout out to the Lindstroms Thank you!). I really enjoyed opening them all(maybe I opened them on Christmas maybe not(2D). This last week had a lot of meetings. We started out with the Zone Conference. It was really cool, President talked about how to come closer to Christ and then We got to practice on how to teach without a pamphlet. I think that this training will really help people with teaching more to the needs of the person. I think that pamphlets while useful(3e) are really for people that will most benefit from a pamphlet so that is why I like this training. So that was awesome but what was really awesome was when the next day we  went to the Christmas program which was really cool lots of Christmas songs and other stuff like good talks. We (4w) also did a white elephant which was a lot of fun in the fact everything had to be under 5$ or found in your apartment(someone got a popcorn cart... I guess they found it in their apartment.) Then we had to drive home through traffic(Yeahhh) Who would would want to live in California, where everything is super expensive and You have to drive for 3 hours to get to work. I mean people have nice cars here(5i) but come on. It really is terrible. Then we had a super awesome miracle happen to us. Julian Got baptized!!! it was Great. and I got to baptize him. He decided he wanted to be baptized on Monday and so the rest of the week was frantic trying to set up his baptism in time. I was really nervous but it worked out because he got baptized.That was the real miracle this week and it all worked(6t) out. It even distracted me from christmas which is saying something. And I just learned that for new years eve we are watching Star Wars:The Force Awakens(this was a surprise) and Zootopia. This is going to be so great(7t). I get my new companion tomorrow and I am ready for more missionary work. So Lets Do it!!(you will only get that if you have figured out my companions name.

Elder Stokes

Here is the photo of Joshua speaking to us on Christmas.  It was awesome!!

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Letter of Today

Hey everybody,
This last week has been awesome but really kind of empty. Its really interesting to have two wards and 1 of the ward's investigators are doing awesome and are progressing well. While the other ward's investigators are all out of town. So that makes half of our Ward meetings make us feel awesome and the other half is making us feel like we need to do more. It really helps you stay humble and is helping to work on both our teaching and our finding methods alot.
We had a really cool thing happen this week. So we were doing exchanges with the Zone leaders this last Wednesday which also happened to be the day of District Meeting and District lunch. I was with Elder Khamvongsouk( also known as Elder K.) we did some service then went to district lunch at a Chinese place. While we were at lunch we were paying for our meal when 2 ladies asked us about our beliefs. well we answered her questions and kind of had a lesson right there. and let me tell you, there is a reason we are called to teach 2 by 2 and not 6 by 6. It was kind of messy and Elder K. had to try and bring it to a summary so that we wouldn't leave them with tons of confusing info. But the Brentwood 3rd elders set a return appointment with them so that should hopefully help.Then we had District mtg. and the training was on getting an investigator to say a kneeling prayer at the end of the lesson. Then later that day me and Elder K. were in a lesson with James where we invited him to pray, well it did't seem like he wanted and he said he was nervous about doing it in front of us. Well with a lot of the use of the training that we got earlier that day we were able to help him pray and even though it took a long time he said a kneeling prayer with us. And then he came to church on Sunday so that is a really cool experience of using the training to help our investigators right after we received the training. So that was a very fun exchange.
We also took Julian to the baptism yesterday, but we weren't able to talk to him after words so we just set a appointment for this evening so that will hopefully go well and he will feel like he is ready to be baptized.
I can't believe it is so close to Christmas and I can't wait. Thank you for all the packages and Merry Christmas. 
Elder Stokes

Some Pictures ( District and Apartment)

Monday, December 12, 2016

Hey All

Hello Everybody,
This Week has been awesome as you can see by the pictures we do have some fun. We also have been working like crazy but there are so many people just getting busier and busier. You can tell because people actually take the cards that we give to them just because they want us to go away faster. but quite a few of the people we are teaching will actually be in town for the holiday season so we will have people to teach.
We also hope that Julian will keep with the date that we set him for on the 24th of December. It will be so cool if he keeps it. he is kind of nervous for that date so we are taking him to a baptism this week and hopefully that will help him. 
We also able to find 2 new investigators this week. we started going over a list of Part member families in Brentwood and were able to teach the son of one of the ladies that is a member, we haven't met her yet so we are hoping that will go well. 
We also had a really great experience with James in that he really seem to be more interested in our message. when we first met with his wife(the member) he didn't even come into the room to be there for the lesson. So I have really seen the message change him.
So this week was cool. and it is just the beginning of the miracles to come.

Elder Stokes


We had some cool activities
Make it snow(the ones with all the white) was last week
Bowling This week

Monday, December 5, 2016

December Stuff

Hey all,
So this last week has been super awesome. we are doing so great stuff in our area. Soon we will be teaching 5 possibly 6 part member families within the wards. I think that working with the part member families has been great, some don't like us, but they are usually more willing to listen to us then some other people. We got to go by one family, the Love's, and the owner of the place they live has llamas so that was awesome.
We had some great lessons this week, While we were thinking about what to teach Trina I had the impression that we should teach her about revelation, so we decided to do that. Then while we were studying for the lesson. E. McDonald said that it would be a good if we read from True to the Faith. And that is what we did with her and it was great. she said it was a lesson that she felt like she needed. we also had an awesome member there that was able to befriend her and help explain some the point that were in there.
We also were able to finally figure out a time when it would work for Jacob's Uncle to come in and Baptize him. So Jan 28th will be the date that he will be baptized.
Julian has been doing great during our lesson we committed him, a 10 year old, to fast for 2 meals and to think about his feelings for baptism. so that was cool.
We also were able to teach a boy named Henry that we have had a hard time getting a hold of. So we added him as a investigator and he is really interested. 
So that was our week of some of the great lessons we taught and so that is cool.
Hope you are all having a great Christmas
Elder Stokes

We got a puzzle(1000 pieces)
Christmas tree!!!!


Monday, November 28, 2016

Hey everybody

Well this last week was a very interesting week of different things happening. Thanksgiving was awesome we got to have a great day of spending time with the members and having district sports. We had to do that because we had a no proselyting day. just lessons and member visits. We have been having a great time with the #LighttheWorld and sharing it with people and then asking them to share it with others to spread the Spirit of Christmas. I learned that sitting around while your companion is getting his final stuff done because it is his last transfer here. So we had a good week of some service and I got to eat a big burger. and then there was the fact that some unexpected service for a part member family led us to getting a new investigator. and also meeting with the family that is teetering on being less active(they are the ones with the Saint Bernard) helps them all come to church on Sunday. I also have gotten the chance to really see how much people are gone when it is a holiday weekend and that is pretty much everybody. I think that we are going to have a great Christmas and that this December is going to be awesome. I want to thank everybody for there support and I hope you all have a great time.

Elder Stokes

Here are some photos:

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

This week was good.

Hello Peoples,

I am emailing today because we are having a very strange week this week. We had a Short P-Day till 1 pm on Monday, then today is temple day so we have a normal P-Day till 6 pm then on Thanksgiving we are not supposed to do proselyting at all and limit our interactions to planned visits. So that is why it is weird. also on Thursday we have a breakfast appt., a Lunch appt., and 2 dinner appt., then we will have zone sports till pm.
but this last week has been great. we were able to find 4(technically 3) new investigators. So the first one is Dennis, he is Chinese, but grew up in CA. He talks a lot. we found him through a referral that the Ridenours gave us, Brett is a guy we are not sure about, but he is also found through a referral but this one is from the Brentwood 1st sisters, then there is James, he is the husband of a less active and it was a miracle we taught him. we went by to visit and his wife pull sup wit hher son and 2 big pieces of furniture that she was going to put in her house with just her son to help, so long story short, we helped, James got home, and we taught the lesson. Then the fine technicality is that we found this person but we wont be teaching her. Her name is Andy, she is 16 and one day she just came to church, The YM President got talking with her and they became great friends and wanted to set up a lesson with us but it didn't work out right then. Then she came to Tara's baptism and we were able to talk to her. she has read the Book of Mormon and watched General Conference. We were able to maybe set a time to meet with her at the YM Presidents house. then we found out that due to a situation with her mom, she wanted to be taught by sisters, and we also found out that she went to the Brentwood 2nd ward and she lives in the Marsh Creek ward. So we did a pass off lesson to the sisters, and that is why she is not our investigator but she is still in our ward. We found all these people without any tracting, Yay Member work. so that is why this week was good.

Elder Stokes

Here is a pic of our family in front of the Oakland Temple when we went there in May (Joshua was back in Utah at school):

Monday, November 14, 2016

Yeahhhh Great Week

Hello All,
So this week was really amazing. Tara got baptized and it was so amazing. When we were setting up for the baptism we thought there would be a good amount of people but not more than the relief society room could fit. and of course We had to fetch about 15 more chairs for her baptism. And her husband was able to make it so that was super cool.
We weren't able to meet with many of our investigators this week and we have been having trouble finding anyone. We also have been trying to meet with some more less actives this last week and we are hoping to get some referrals from them of people who might be interested.
And with transfers... We both are staying!! so that is great. but this is E. McDonalds last transfer so I am going to be in this ward for awhile. also we learned that Brentwood 3rd Elders are being moved to full bike(they have one of the biggest areas in the mission so pray for them).
This last week we also had the opportunity to have a service with the Ridenours, it went well. We went walking down a street and picked up a lot of litter. It was everywhere, we picked up almost 4 bags of trash and there were people that saw us doing that. there is also a picture of us doing that on Dan Ridenours facebook page if you want to look for that. also Chris got a python and we got to hold it.

Elder Stokes

Pics: Tara's baptism and the python

Monday, November 7, 2016

I want a Tesla

Hey Everybody,
So this Week has been cool. I got to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and with Hillcrest so that was good. We have been preparing for Tara's baptism:) and we are meeting our investigators and we have some great progressing ones. 
We had one kind of funny story. So we have a investigator named Julian and he is 10 years old, His mom is a less active who recently got divorced and those are the people at the lesson. So we need a 3rd Male and we are on exchanges but we want to at least try and get a member and so we call some people, One of them says that he might be able to come, but when the time comes for the lesson he is not there so we just go in as the 4 of us and text that we figured it out and , then 40 mins into the lesson just when it is wrapping up he knocks on the door. And comes in with two of his kids. It was kind of... interesting and lets just say we were glad it was with Julian and not some other more touchy people.
We also had the awesome experience of working with Elder Johnson who is from Jamaica and That was really cool. We worked in the YSA and got to teach a lesson with the STL's
Then was something awesome, we got to ride in our assistant Ward Mission Leaders Tesla. It is so cool, he never has to pay for gas, it has auto pilot, it has a turbo button where it can go from 0 to 60 in just over 4 seconds, and the inside is like a spaceship. So that was super cool. I really want a Tesla one day.
Well my week had some other things such as having a lot of lessons and being able to almost meet all of our investigators(missed 1) so it was cool
Elder Stokes

These are the pictures of the Tesla and that picture is what is under the Hood of a Tesla(Yes that is it) It was so cool.

Inline image 2Inline image 1Inline image 3Inline image 4

Monday, October 31, 2016

This week was the Best

Hello All

Well this week has been awesome we had something really cool happen to us. So with Tara she said that she would be baptized after her husband went to a ward activity and he works in the evenings and was supposed to change schedule right after October, of course after Trunk or Treat. But then this last Tuesday we get a text from Tara, and she wants to have her baptism on Nov. 12. It is so great because that is the day of transfer calls. She is going to be baptized because her husbands schedule changed a week early so her husband was able to come to the Trunk or Treat. So that was an awesome miracle.

We also were able to find another 2 investigators this week and both of them are under 15 years old. One is 10 and the son of a less active who is coming back and another is about 10 - 14 ish we didn't get his age. and also we got Rain! I love Rain!! it was so Awesome!!!! Well that was my week and I got to tract in the Rain!

Elder Stokes

Letter to Rachelle that was real good also:

Hey mom,
I think that this week has been good. We had some really good things happen and It is super awesome. I think it is funny that you talked about Ether 12:6 because just this last week, I took the time and followed every single one of the footnotes for that verse and i thought it was really interesting. When I looked into how Heavenly father tries our faith it took me to a verse where it says that Mormon didn't put some of the things that Nephi wrote in the Book of Mormon because God wanted to try our faith, I wonder what things were left out that would make it so we wouldn't have a trial of faith.
I have been having a great time here and I thank you for all the support that you have given me throughout my life so I can be strong and keep working. The real reason for optimism isn't to always act happy. It is so you can be even happier when good things happen and the bad things just roll off your shoulders.
I am almost done with Jesus the Christ and I don't know what to do after that. I hope I don't get bored to much or else I will not be able to relax much.
I love you!
Elder Stokes

This is the ward activity.  We were given 30 pumpkins so we donated them to the ward.

Inline image 1Inline image 3Inline image 4

Inline image 6

Service Project
Inline image 7

Monday, October 24, 2016

The week of Referrals

Hello All,
So this has been a kink of interesting week with its ups and its downs. One thing is we got 10 referrals this week. and another is we had to drop some investigators, that is what I mean by interesting.
Monday is easy to explain, We got all of our appt. cancelled but we contacted a referral of people that were taught before and was able to set a appt. for the next week. 
Tuesday was interviews with president and that was awesome he gave some great advice, we had district mtg then we taught a lesson to Trina later that day and was able to find one of her concerns.
On Wednesday we got the chance to meet with someone that the other elders taught before and we hope we will be able to teach her again as we are hoping that that will open up doors.
Thursday we were able to meet with a bunch of people and have some less active lessons.
On Friday It was Weekly planning. and the start of exchanges
On Saturday we had an awesome day of exchanges. We went to Hillcrest and we were able to find them 4 new investigators. We had a awesome day while tracting and It was cool to learn stuff from Elder Habel
On Sunday we got 6 referrals and were able to just barely meet some of our goals that we had placed for ourselves

Elder Stokes

Monday, October 17, 2016

Lots of teaching this week

Hello All,
So this week has been awesome. but I will tell you more about that throughout the week.
On Monday nothing really happened and we tried to go see some people so that was it.
On Tuesday we had a better day, we went to go see some former investigators named Bill and Mary, and I turns out that Bill had actually died. And that wasn't in the area book. So we set an appointment for a later time with Mary.
On Wednesday was exchanges and I went with Elder Cox again, and Pretty much all of our appointments fell through but we were able to get another investigator while tracting, his name is Manuel and he is about 16 and we did splits which is awesome. And on the other end, Elder McDonald got us another investigator with Elder McDaniel. Her name is Leslie, and we have been trying to teach her a lesson for like 2 weeks now and they were able to.
On Thursday we had our crazy day. We had the privilege of going to a service to the Homeless in Antioch and that was really cool. I got to work by passing out food to people who wanted it during breakfast and Lunch, and that service was really cool because not only was it 9 hrs. long. we got to help a ton of people who didn't have homes. The entire zone was there so there were a lot of missionaries at this service. I remember that one of the elders got interviewed by a news program of some kind and then that night we were pretty much packed. We had a lesson with the Crookstons and then a dinner, then a lesson with Tara(she has been thinking more about baptism), and then coordination with Brentwood 2nd ward.
On Friday we got do a ton of weekly planning, but we also had a great lesson with Trina, our investigator in Marsh Creek who has been really hard to get a hold of. And that was good so our lesson goal was really good.
On Saturday we had a lesson with Mary, but it turned out to be a talk with her sharing some stories of hers. She feels like God has done so much good to her where she is at that she wants to stay there so we may visit her every once in a while but she won't really be an investigator. She is really nice though. Super Christlike
On Sunday we had a cool day, after church we went to go see a less active named Katherine Grey and she wants to come to church again, she is old but she is well enough to come to church. Her daughter also wants to come again and she has a son named Julian that is 10 and not baptized yet. then we had another lesson with Tara and talked to her. She said that when her husband comes to a ward activity or to church then she will be baptized. So that is exciting. And then we had a lesson with somebody named Patrick and added him as an investigator.
So this week we taught a ton of lessons, had a huge service, and got 3 new investigators. So this week was super awesome.
Elder Stokes

Pics from last week that I forgot to post:

Chris with Dragon


Zone Leader Conference

Monday, October 10, 2016

Short Main Letter

Hello All,
This letter is going to be short because not much happened this week. My new companion Elder McDonald is great. but he came at the time of fall break where Brentwood is a ghost town so that is helpful for us to get to know each other. We were only able to have 1 investigator lesson this week with the Crookstons(Jacob is doing well) but, 3 investigators came to church. So that was nice. My other Highlight is we have 2 really solid potentials that we are going to stop by this week and We got Garland to Church(the first time in 6 weeks). I think this next week is going to be much better. and I know this work is important so why shouldn't it.and Yes Elder McDonald has worked at Mcdonalds

Elder Stokes

Here are some pics from Joshua this week:

Elder Tolman and Elder Stokes

Apartment is much cleaner

Elder Stokes and Elder McDonald

Questions from Rachelle to Joshua and his answers:

1. How did it go when you and Elder Tolman sang a few weeks ago?
When me and Elder Tolman sang it went well. We did Lead Kindly Light with an ascending key so it was higher every verse and Actually climaxed(most hymns don't). 

2. Are you enjoying Elder McDonald?
Elder McDonald is great and there are some differences. 

3. What are some differences, good or bad between Elder Macdonald and Elder Tolman?
McDonald is more prepared for a normal ward, but he isn't great at directions(even with a GPS) and needs to work on his singing(He knows this). I feel like Elder Tolman and my personalities were more similar, but sometimes it is better to have difference. 

4. I have been praying for you goals, how are they going?
My goals are going good and I have started some new ones like better morning schedules with E. McDonald(E. Tolman was really good at getting out on time... E. McDonald. not so much) So that is something we are working on.

5. What kind of food do you usually get fed?
And the food I have been fed the most is... American Tacos. yep that is the one. I have had authentic italian food yesterday. that was cool. 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

So...Crazy Training

Hello All,
Well this is my letter for the week. I feel like I have had a pretty normal week with a ton of meetings and learning about transfers. And Guess What!!! Im not getting transferred.... but... Elder Tolman is! He is going to be a Zone Leader in San Mateo, So I will be getting a new companion and his name is... Bum bum duum... Elder McDonald. Yeah so that is going to be cool. So this last week hmm
Well monday was pretty simple We had P-day and Went and contacted or tried to contact some referrals
Tuesday was really cool. I got to confirm somebody being baptized in Brentwood 1st and I met someone from the Bishopric that knew Sadie. I took picture with him.  Then We had district meeting. and we had meeting some people.
Wednesday We had Exchanges and I was with E. Campos. and we had a great time tracting and being companions again
On Thursday we had follow up training and that was really long. then we had a Lesson with Tara and that was really cool. She is really progressing then we went to Coordination.
Friday was weekly Planning and a lot of weekly planning.
Saturday General Conference  and it was really cool. We got to go to ZLC and then we watched some conference at a Cambodian members house. And we got to eat Pho., I loved it, it was delicious and then we had dinner with a member then watched more conference.
Sunday General Conference and then some packing for Elder Tolman that was basically the whole day.
My favorite talk was either Elder Christensen or Elder Uchtdorf. Elder Hollands was powerful and I think it is really important to listen to what President Monson said with what little time he had.
Thank you for the support,
Elder Stokes

Monday, September 26, 2016

Main Letter Really Fast

Hello All,
I am sorry but this letter is also going to be a little short because I am short on time and I don't want to miss a appt.
On Monday I got to go to Bethel Island(sometimes called Methel Island) it was really cool and alot of fun being on a rickety dock looking for our less active.
On Tuesday we had zone conference, that was really cool. I got to do different trainings and had alot of fun.
On Wednesday we did service again and we taught Phillis. She is blind but she reads lips really well. and she is really cool. She has been a on and off investigator for a long time and we went on splits with elders quorum which was awesome.
On Thursday, we did service again and we taught Tara, she is doing very well. But her family found out and the father wasn't happy but her mother was supportive, so pray for that.
On Friday we did weekly planning and went to exchanges with zone leaders
On Saturday, every appt. fell through and we got the chance to be kind of bible bashed by a guy who was really confusing and apparently the other group had almost the exact same day as us.
On Sunday, Tara and Phillis came to church and we had a great time teaching Tara for a second time this week.
This week is transfers so I don't know what is going to happen. Our area my split:( that would be sad but probably mor effective
Elder Stokes

Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekly Letter

Hey all,
This week has been really busy but we only had 1 investigator lesson.
Monday we had family home evening with the Murff family.
Tuesday we had our lesson with Tara and we still didn't commit her to a date
Wednesday we had Service, taught Garland, had dinner with Swishers and went on splits with the elders quorum(that was awesome)
Thursday we contacted referrals, met with Chris(he is still awesome) and had a coordination meeting.
Friday we did weekly planning
Saturday was kind of dumb but cool. went to a baptism in our district, did service( which the zone leaders gave us no info so we were stuck outside getting sunburned while directing traffic with no shade), went to dinner with the Penners(cool family in gated community) and saw new meet the mormon vids in visitor center. but our investigator didn't show up so it was a waste of time.
Sunday was cool. we went to church and then we did studies then we went to dinner and then more studies oh and ate with the Ridenours( super cool couple, they have basically been missionaries for years on end.
And today we did a nerf war with the zone, so that was fun(nerf guns from members)
Thank you for reading
Elder Stokes

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Week of Miracles

Hello All,
This week has been pretty crazy. I am strapped for time so I wont do my day by day paragraph but I will give Highlights
On Monday we saw our recent convert Chris Hidalgo. He is super cool and has some funny stories. We asked him to speak at Why I Believe, and he said we would, so we got to go to Why I Believe.
Tuesday We went out to try and contact referrals and we met with some members and we did District Meeting so we didn't have much time to do much that day.
Wednesday We did a bunch of service for a non-member so we had to take apart tables and move them outside. One of them was a Pool table so one elder had to work for an hour to get out all the screws and there was a granite table that had Really long legs that wouldn't come off(shudder), My hands still hurt.
On Thursday was my exchange with Elder Cox, He is on his second transfer and Is from Southern Utah. We had a pretty bad day with no one opening the door for us, then right before dinner we decided to do a couple more houses. and the last house we would of done before dinner somebody opened the door and let us teach them then dinner was great
Friday was Planning then teaching a Lesson to Tara at the Aedo's House. She is very curious about everything and has a member friend who wants her to wait before setting a date for like 1 year, yes i said year. And Tara is already almost ready for baptism.
Saturday was exchange with Elder Habel. He is a interesting guy and Works Hard(sometimes).We taught the Crookstons, Jacob is ready to be baptized but wants a family member to baptize him. and because his dad is less active and doesn't want to be active, he asked for his uncle to do it. only, he lives in Arizona and that is how they are figuring out the time. Also Elder Tolman picked up a dropped investigator, and the Alvies say they have a 12 year girl that wants to be taught the lessons and be baptized.
Sunday was amazing. Church was long, but we learned that there is a lady who started looking into the church because of her boyfriend, but now wants to learn for herself, so hopefully she will be an investigator soon. we made a goal for 5 baptisms by the end of the year(which the Zone Leaders Thought was high) and this is how the lord rewards us.
This morning was amazing. We went out with the Brentwood 3rd elders to Discovery bay to go fishing and that place has people who get docks and a lake as there backyard. We did our studies out there and had a great time. that is what the pictures are.
This week has been great and I cant wait for more
Elder Stokes

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

This Week of Awesome

Hello All,
So This week has been kind of crazy I decided to do a day to day run by so one paragraph is one day.
On Monday we went to try and contact a recent convert named Garland. When we went there we tried knocking on his door and he wasn't there. but his mom said that we could come by another time. We knew that this area had probably been tracted to death but we decided to try a few doors. and and we got the door shut in our face a few times. But while we were walking back to our car. Garland's mom told us he got home and we could teach him a quick lesson. He is super cool, 14 years old, only member in his family, Used to live in the ghetto of Oakland, has apparently done nearly everything bad a person can do, and is totally turning his life around with the help of the gospel. so yeah that is what we did monday. also dinner cancelled on us. thats #1
On tuesday we did service for the Brentwood 1st sisters and then we had my first district meeting then had to finish studies. District meeting was fun and we talked about a sacrifice we should do for the work. Like waking up earlier to get to exercise on time. Then we had one of the most boring hours of my life. We were trying to find this house but couldnt find it so we went and tried to contact members but none of the houses had lights on. and we only knock on the door if we feel like the spirit is telling us to if the lights are off so we dont offend anyone. so that was boring. also diner cancelled. thats #2
On wednesday, we did more organizing of the really messy area books, yes because we have two area books and they are both really bad. so we did some of that. then we did some tracting then we went to dinner with the Rogers family then and the father works for a energy drink company and you could really tell, he talked a mile a minute and we got to meet the bishop of Marsh Creek.
On Thursday we had ZLC because Elder Tolman is a District Leader so I got to fo on a quick exchange with a Elder Kaitokau, He is awesome and from Hawaii. We went tracting and found 2 potentials and 1 referal so that was cool. We went to finish Studies then we went to dinner with the Aedo's. it was really cool we got to 3 referrals in that dinner and we taught an awesome lesson.
On Friday we had weekly planning all day, and I mean all day we didn't leave the apartment because our dinner cancelled. Thats #3 but the bought us the habit so that was okay. that was Friday.
On Saturday we really wanted to just meet one of our investigators, we finished planning( it takes forever) we went out trying to go meet some of the investigators and it didnt go to great, but we got to meet a awesome family that has been on 4 senior missions, alot at church history sites. and they are such great examples.
Sunday was the best day ever. we were fasting for a new investigator, or to meet an investigator. we went to church an we got there and after Brentwoods Sacrament meeting. We met Sister Aedo, and she had brought her referral to church. and then she was the only one in Gospel Priciples so we taught her a lesson in that and set up an appointment for Friday. Miracle of the week. I will tell you more about her next week. Her name is Tara

Elder Stokes

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First Week in the Field

Hello All,

I guess this is the first week in the Field for me. I am going to tell you that I have been sent to Utah... I mean Brentwood. but I mean it i am basically in Utah. It looks like Utah, the wards(yes I have 2 wards) are like Utah sized, the members are super happy to help with missionary work, we are fed every night(we have a whole calendar for a dinner schedule, and our wards are in a very nice chapel. so yeah... Utah.
I really love my companion. His name is Elder Tolman. he was actually called Cambodian speaking in the Oakland(so that means we have 4 hrs of study because he has to do language and I have 12 week). It is awesome because he is going to hook me up with some ties that are made in Cambodia, I already have one, they are so cool. He is from Herriman, Utah, and he likes music. and he is a really awesome. also he knows very little about this area, because we got shotgunned into the area, and have to sort through what the missionaries before us have left us. without the members we would of never found our investigators.
Our apartment is pretty cool. except the other elders left it really messy and smelling like smoke. we have been trying to clean it up. but it is taking a long time. I have a car so we drive everywhere because we have two wards. the Brentwood 2nd ward and the Marsh creek ward. They are super helpful. We eat with a member every night, at one the dinners we got to me a Saint Bernard dog he is so big and is still growing
That is all I have to say about to area so far so that is all I will email about till next week.
chumriapbliah( that's goodbye in Cambodian)

Elder Stokes

Note: If you don't all know.  Joshua loves dogs so we loved that most of these pictures of that big Saint Bernard.