Thursday, August 18, 2016

Last email from the MTC

Hello all,
I am going to start out this email by saying this will be my last email in the MTC. I will be going to Oakland next Wednesday and then you have to wait for the Monday after that for my Next email. This last week has been crazy. we have had so much time inside the classroom. as i sit my friend Elder Miller is reading everything i type(he says sick). I believe we spend about 9 hours a day in a classroom. I  Have to apologize and say there will be no pictures this time because the computer I am on doesn't work with them. This letter wont be too long but i will say some highlights. The Elders going to Utah in my zone left and that is sad because they are awesome. I do believe that there are laxitives in something but it is not the orange juice. (Note: Caleb said he heard there were laxatives in the orange juice.) I had the chance to go to the temple cafeteria today and it was heaven. The food just felt more somehow. I did get the chance to see Sister Stokes, and I also got to sing in the choir again. there was a major rumor that Elder Holland was coming on Tuesday but that was false information. Instead, it was Sister Oscarson. so that was awesome and we have had so much fun playing beach volleyball. It is funny how many people here are desperate to get olympic news. They are all asking the TRC's. Speaking of them this week i have Theo and Matthew, they are both awesome and we have learned so much about teaching them and not the lessons. for entertainment we go crazy Wed. night to scare the new ones. I remember what that was like thinking all the Elders were idiots and that is what the MTC can do to you. There is always so much to do. I dont have time to read the BoM because im studying the BoM for my investigators. I have two things that are spiritual i want to say. Alma 26 is my new favorite chapter of the BoM. and Safety for the Soul by Elder Holland is amazing. also if you look at the Mormon message for Bubba in His Grace you can know he is a TRC here and has apparently nearly shattered somebodys testimony and I might tell that story later. I have to go but i probably didnt get everything, oh well i will tell more later.
Adios, goodbye, good luck, Life is good.

Elder Stokes

Joshua must have found a way to upload his photos because he sent a few of them.  The first is a recommend holder with the Oakland Temple.  And then more with his District including the Sisters.

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