Monday, February 20, 2017

Hello Everybody

Well this last week has been great. Rain, then sunshine, then rain, then clouds, then rain again. I mean all this rain is really great but why does it have to be windy as well. So yeah that was this last week. We did a lot of tracting and some great less active work and met with some investigators.Here are some of the less actives we are working with
Brother Grow - Really cool guy. He is a college Chemistry Professor and spend alot of his time doing that. It seems like a lot of work. He is really close to coming back to church. but with midterms happening it has been hard to finish all the stuff he has. but it is happening
Brother Gibbs - He is Part-member convert whose wife is very devout Catholic and he just seems to have lost the desire to Come to church, but he still seems to have a strong testimony of the Church. So that is Great!
Tera - a recent convert baptized for about a Year now, we have been having a really hard time meeting with her. But I have heard that she is interested in meeting with us. So that is a good sign
Brother Thompson - He is a cool guy. He is really interested in gaining his own testimony. He was born into the church but never gained a testimony of his own and He has found all the really old Book of Mormons that he showed us. they are really cool.
Edgar - Edger is another less active who needs to gain his own testimony and seems really willing to change and he is working on his Word of Wisdom problem right now(drinking coffee) We have been helping him every way we can think of and we hope that hes is doing well.
Stacy Harold - another recent convert less active we have been trying to meet with So that is great that she is trying to find time in her busy schedule to meet with us.
We were able to find 2 new investigators this week. and they are pretty cool. One Lady from Egypt and a guy who is really old but really likes to stick to the bible for things. which has made him distance himself from other churches that have supported gays too much because it says it is wrong in the bible. So that was great. Well time is up now. thank you for reading

Elder Stokes

Pics of the inside of my apartment
New Hat and bird picture
Eating at a Thai place with other missionaries in the zone
and A super cool note thing(I really love it)

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