Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Week of Miracles

Hello All,
This week has been pretty crazy. I am strapped for time so I wont do my day by day paragraph but I will give Highlights
On Monday we saw our recent convert Chris Hidalgo. He is super cool and has some funny stories. We asked him to speak at Why I Believe, and he said we would, so we got to go to Why I Believe.
Tuesday We went out to try and contact referrals and we met with some members and we did District Meeting so we didn't have much time to do much that day.
Wednesday We did a bunch of service for a non-member so we had to take apart tables and move them outside. One of them was a Pool table so one elder had to work for an hour to get out all the screws and there was a granite table that had Really long legs that wouldn't come off(shudder), My hands still hurt.
On Thursday was my exchange with Elder Cox, He is on his second transfer and Is from Southern Utah. We had a pretty bad day with no one opening the door for us, then right before dinner we decided to do a couple more houses. and the last house we would of done before dinner somebody opened the door and let us teach them then dinner was great
Friday was Planning then teaching a Lesson to Tara at the Aedo's House. She is very curious about everything and has a member friend who wants her to wait before setting a date for like 1 year, yes i said year. And Tara is already almost ready for baptism.
Saturday was exchange with Elder Habel. He is a interesting guy and Works Hard(sometimes).We taught the Crookstons, Jacob is ready to be baptized but wants a family member to baptize him. and because his dad is less active and doesn't want to be active, he asked for his uncle to do it. only, he lives in Arizona and that is how they are figuring out the time. Also Elder Tolman picked up a dropped investigator, and the Alvies say they have a 12 year girl that wants to be taught the lessons and be baptized.
Sunday was amazing. Church was long, but we learned that there is a lady who started looking into the church because of her boyfriend, but now wants to learn for herself, so hopefully she will be an investigator soon. we made a goal for 5 baptisms by the end of the year(which the Zone Leaders Thought was high) and this is how the lord rewards us.
This morning was amazing. We went out with the Brentwood 3rd elders to Discovery bay to go fishing and that place has people who get docks and a lake as there backyard. We did our studies out there and had a great time. that is what the pictures are.
This week has been great and I cant wait for more
Elder Stokes

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