Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekly Letter

Hey all,
This week has been really busy but we only had 1 investigator lesson.
Monday we had family home evening with the Murff family.
Tuesday we had our lesson with Tara and we still didn't commit her to a date
Wednesday we had Service, taught Garland, had dinner with Swishers and went on splits with the elders quorum(that was awesome)
Thursday we contacted referrals, met with Chris(he is still awesome) and had a coordination meeting.
Friday we did weekly planning
Saturday was kind of dumb but cool. went to a baptism in our district, did service( which the zone leaders gave us no info so we were stuck outside getting sunburned while directing traffic with no shade), went to dinner with the Penners(cool family in gated community) and saw new meet the mormon vids in visitor center. but our investigator didn't show up so it was a waste of time.
Sunday was cool. we went to church and then we did studies then we went to dinner and then more studies oh and ate with the Ridenours( super cool couple, they have basically been missionaries for years on end.
And today we did a nerf war with the zone, so that was fun(nerf guns from members)
Thank you for reading
Elder Stokes

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