Monday, September 26, 2016

Main Letter Really Fast

Hello All,
I am sorry but this letter is also going to be a little short because I am short on time and I don't want to miss a appt.
On Monday I got to go to Bethel Island(sometimes called Methel Island) it was really cool and alot of fun being on a rickety dock looking for our less active.
On Tuesday we had zone conference, that was really cool. I got to do different trainings and had alot of fun.
On Wednesday we did service again and we taught Phillis. She is blind but she reads lips really well. and she is really cool. She has been a on and off investigator for a long time and we went on splits with elders quorum which was awesome.
On Thursday, we did service again and we taught Tara, she is doing very well. But her family found out and the father wasn't happy but her mother was supportive, so pray for that.
On Friday we did weekly planning and went to exchanges with zone leaders
On Saturday, every appt. fell through and we got the chance to be kind of bible bashed by a guy who was really confusing and apparently the other group had almost the exact same day as us.
On Sunday, Tara and Phillis came to church and we had a great time teaching Tara for a second time this week.
This week is transfers so I don't know what is going to happen. Our area my split:( that would be sad but probably mor effective
Elder Stokes

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