Monday, October 10, 2016

Short Main Letter

Hello All,
This letter is going to be short because not much happened this week. My new companion Elder McDonald is great. but he came at the time of fall break where Brentwood is a ghost town so that is helpful for us to get to know each other. We were only able to have 1 investigator lesson this week with the Crookstons(Jacob is doing well) but, 3 investigators came to church. So that was nice. My other Highlight is we have 2 really solid potentials that we are going to stop by this week and We got Garland to Church(the first time in 6 weeks). I think this next week is going to be much better. and I know this work is important so why shouldn't it.and Yes Elder McDonald has worked at Mcdonalds

Elder Stokes

Here are some pics from Joshua this week:

Elder Tolman and Elder Stokes

Apartment is much cleaner

Elder Stokes and Elder McDonald

Questions from Rachelle to Joshua and his answers:

1. How did it go when you and Elder Tolman sang a few weeks ago?
When me and Elder Tolman sang it went well. We did Lead Kindly Light with an ascending key so it was higher every verse and Actually climaxed(most hymns don't). 

2. Are you enjoying Elder McDonald?
Elder McDonald is great and there are some differences. 

3. What are some differences, good or bad between Elder Macdonald and Elder Tolman?
McDonald is more prepared for a normal ward, but he isn't great at directions(even with a GPS) and needs to work on his singing(He knows this). I feel like Elder Tolman and my personalities were more similar, but sometimes it is better to have difference. 

4. I have been praying for you goals, how are they going?
My goals are going good and I have started some new ones like better morning schedules with E. McDonald(E. Tolman was really good at getting out on time... E. McDonald. not so much) So that is something we are working on.

5. What kind of food do you usually get fed?
And the food I have been fed the most is... American Tacos. yep that is the one. I have had authentic italian food yesterday. that was cool. 

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