Monday, October 31, 2016

This week was the Best

Hello All

Well this week has been awesome we had something really cool happen to us. So with Tara she said that she would be baptized after her husband went to a ward activity and he works in the evenings and was supposed to change schedule right after October, of course after Trunk or Treat. But then this last Tuesday we get a text from Tara, and she wants to have her baptism on Nov. 12. It is so great because that is the day of transfer calls. She is going to be baptized because her husbands schedule changed a week early so her husband was able to come to the Trunk or Treat. So that was an awesome miracle.

We also were able to find another 2 investigators this week and both of them are under 15 years old. One is 10 and the son of a less active who is coming back and another is about 10 - 14 ish we didn't get his age. and also we got Rain! I love Rain!! it was so Awesome!!!! Well that was my week and I got to tract in the Rain!

Elder Stokes

Letter to Rachelle that was real good also:

Hey mom,
I think that this week has been good. We had some really good things happen and It is super awesome. I think it is funny that you talked about Ether 12:6 because just this last week, I took the time and followed every single one of the footnotes for that verse and i thought it was really interesting. When I looked into how Heavenly father tries our faith it took me to a verse where it says that Mormon didn't put some of the things that Nephi wrote in the Book of Mormon because God wanted to try our faith, I wonder what things were left out that would make it so we wouldn't have a trial of faith.
I have been having a great time here and I thank you for all the support that you have given me throughout my life so I can be strong and keep working. The real reason for optimism isn't to always act happy. It is so you can be even happier when good things happen and the bad things just roll off your shoulders.
I am almost done with Jesus the Christ and I don't know what to do after that. I hope I don't get bored to much or else I will not be able to relax much.
I love you!
Elder Stokes

This is the ward activity.  We were given 30 pumpkins so we donated them to the ward.

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Service Project
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