Monday, November 7, 2016

I want a Tesla

Hey Everybody,
So this Week has been cool. I got to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and with Hillcrest so that was good. We have been preparing for Tara's baptism:) and we are meeting our investigators and we have some great progressing ones. 
We had one kind of funny story. So we have a investigator named Julian and he is 10 years old, His mom is a less active who recently got divorced and those are the people at the lesson. So we need a 3rd Male and we are on exchanges but we want to at least try and get a member and so we call some people, One of them says that he might be able to come, but when the time comes for the lesson he is not there so we just go in as the 4 of us and text that we figured it out and , then 40 mins into the lesson just when it is wrapping up he knocks on the door. And comes in with two of his kids. It was kind of... interesting and lets just say we were glad it was with Julian and not some other more touchy people.
We also had the awesome experience of working with Elder Johnson who is from Jamaica and That was really cool. We worked in the YSA and got to teach a lesson with the STL's
Then was something awesome, we got to ride in our assistant Ward Mission Leaders Tesla. It is so cool, he never has to pay for gas, it has auto pilot, it has a turbo button where it can go from 0 to 60 in just over 4 seconds, and the inside is like a spaceship. So that was super cool. I really want a Tesla one day.
Well my week had some other things such as having a lot of lessons and being able to almost meet all of our investigators(missed 1) so it was cool
Elder Stokes

These are the pictures of the Tesla and that picture is what is under the Hood of a Tesla(Yes that is it) It was so cool.

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