Tuesday, November 22, 2016

This week was good.

Hello Peoples,

I am emailing today because we are having a very strange week this week. We had a Short P-Day till 1 pm on Monday, then today is temple day so we have a normal P-Day till 6 pm then on Thanksgiving we are not supposed to do proselyting at all and limit our interactions to planned visits. So that is why it is weird. also on Thursday we have a breakfast appt., a Lunch appt., and 2 dinner appt., then we will have zone sports till pm.
but this last week has been great. we were able to find 4(technically 3) new investigators. So the first one is Dennis, he is Chinese, but grew up in CA. He talks a lot. we found him through a referral that the Ridenours gave us, Brett is a guy we are not sure about, but he is also found through a referral but this one is from the Brentwood 1st sisters, then there is James, he is the husband of a less active and it was a miracle we taught him. we went by to visit and his wife pull sup wit hher son and 2 big pieces of furniture that she was going to put in her house with just her son to help, so long story short, we helped, James got home, and we taught the lesson. Then the fine technicality is that we found this person but we wont be teaching her. Her name is Andy, she is 16 and one day she just came to church, The YM President got talking with her and they became great friends and wanted to set up a lesson with us but it didn't work out right then. Then she came to Tara's baptism and we were able to talk to her. she has read the Book of Mormon and watched General Conference. We were able to maybe set a time to meet with her at the YM Presidents house. then we found out that due to a situation with her mom, she wanted to be taught by sisters, and we also found out that she went to the Brentwood 2nd ward and she lives in the Marsh Creek ward. So we did a pass off lesson to the sisters, and that is why she is not our investigator but she is still in our ward. We found all these people without any tracting, Yay Member work. so that is why this week was good.

Elder Stokes

Here is a pic of our family in front of the Oakland Temple when we went there in May (Joshua was back in Utah at school):

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