Monday, November 14, 2016

Yeahhhh Great Week

Hello All,
So this week was really amazing. Tara got baptized and it was so amazing. When we were setting up for the baptism we thought there would be a good amount of people but not more than the relief society room could fit. and of course We had to fetch about 15 more chairs for her baptism. And her husband was able to make it so that was super cool.
We weren't able to meet with many of our investigators this week and we have been having trouble finding anyone. We also have been trying to meet with some more less actives this last week and we are hoping to get some referrals from them of people who might be interested.
And with transfers... We both are staying!! so that is great. but this is E. McDonalds last transfer so I am going to be in this ward for awhile. also we learned that Brentwood 3rd Elders are being moved to full bike(they have one of the biggest areas in the mission so pray for them).
This last week we also had the opportunity to have a service with the Ridenours, it went well. We went walking down a street and picked up a lot of litter. It was everywhere, we picked up almost 4 bags of trash and there were people that saw us doing that. there is also a picture of us doing that on Dan Ridenours facebook page if you want to look for that. also Chris got a python and we got to hold it.

Elder Stokes

Pics: Tara's baptism and the python

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