Monday, December 5, 2016

December Stuff

Hey all,
So this last week has been super awesome. we are doing so great stuff in our area. Soon we will be teaching 5 possibly 6 part member families within the wards. I think that working with the part member families has been great, some don't like us, but they are usually more willing to listen to us then some other people. We got to go by one family, the Love's, and the owner of the place they live has llamas so that was awesome.
We had some great lessons this week, While we were thinking about what to teach Trina I had the impression that we should teach her about revelation, so we decided to do that. Then while we were studying for the lesson. E. McDonald said that it would be a good if we read from True to the Faith. And that is what we did with her and it was great. she said it was a lesson that she felt like she needed. we also had an awesome member there that was able to befriend her and help explain some the point that were in there.
We also were able to finally figure out a time when it would work for Jacob's Uncle to come in and Baptize him. So Jan 28th will be the date that he will be baptized.
Julian has been doing great during our lesson we committed him, a 10 year old, to fast for 2 meals and to think about his feelings for baptism. so that was cool.
We also were able to teach a boy named Henry that we have had a hard time getting a hold of. So we added him as a investigator and he is really interested. 
So that was our week of some of the great lessons we taught and so that is cool.
Hope you are all having a great Christmas
Elder Stokes

We got a puzzle(1000 pieces)
Christmas tree!!!!


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