Monday, December 12, 2016

Hey All

Hello Everybody,
This Week has been awesome as you can see by the pictures we do have some fun. We also have been working like crazy but there are so many people just getting busier and busier. You can tell because people actually take the cards that we give to them just because they want us to go away faster. but quite a few of the people we are teaching will actually be in town for the holiday season so we will have people to teach.
We also hope that Julian will keep with the date that we set him for on the 24th of December. It will be so cool if he keeps it. he is kind of nervous for that date so we are taking him to a baptism this week and hopefully that will help him. 
We also able to find 2 new investigators this week. we started going over a list of Part member families in Brentwood and were able to teach the son of one of the ladies that is a member, we haven't met her yet so we are hoping that will go well. 
We also had a really great experience with James in that he really seem to be more interested in our message. when we first met with his wife(the member) he didn't even come into the room to be there for the lesson. So I have really seen the message change him.
So this week was cool. and it is just the beginning of the miracles to come.

Elder Stokes


We had some cool activities
Make it snow(the ones with all the white) was last week
Bowling This week

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