Monday, December 26, 2016

Hey Everybody its a Green Christmas or Grey if you want

Hello All,

This Christmas was great we had a week of alot of meetings and some proselyting time. A companion I get to tease about being trunky(he goes home on Wednesday). Members were nice to us, Call home to Family, and Lots and Lots of Candy and Ham. I think the ham thing is kind of funny. Who decided that Turkey and ham were the "festive" Meats and that those are the one you are supposed to eat on Thanksgiving and Christmas? So we had a lot of ham this week and I want to blame them for even more sugar(I don't hate ham, I love ham and that is the problem). Oh yeah this week was transfer calls. and.... I will tell you throughout the letter who my new companion is.  I am staying( so if a letter has a number next to it that is a letter of his name. Yes they are in order. i.e. (1Elder))So this is going to be fun. So first off thank you for all of the letters and packages this week(shout out to the Lindstroms Thank you!). I really enjoyed opening them all(maybe I opened them on Christmas maybe not(2D). This last week had a lot of meetings. We started out with the Zone Conference. It was really cool, President talked about how to come closer to Christ and then We got to practice on how to teach without a pamphlet. I think that this training will really help people with teaching more to the needs of the person. I think that pamphlets while useful(3e) are really for people that will most benefit from a pamphlet so that is why I like this training. So that was awesome but what was really awesome was when the next day we  went to the Christmas program which was really cool lots of Christmas songs and other stuff like good talks. We (4w) also did a white elephant which was a lot of fun in the fact everything had to be under 5$ or found in your apartment(someone got a popcorn cart... I guess they found it in their apartment.) Then we had to drive home through traffic(Yeahhh) Who would would want to live in California, where everything is super expensive and You have to drive for 3 hours to get to work. I mean people have nice cars here(5i) but come on. It really is terrible. Then we had a super awesome miracle happen to us. Julian Got baptized!!! it was Great. and I got to baptize him. He decided he wanted to be baptized on Monday and so the rest of the week was frantic trying to set up his baptism in time. I was really nervous but it worked out because he got baptized.That was the real miracle this week and it all worked(6t) out. It even distracted me from christmas which is saying something. And I just learned that for new years eve we are watching Star Wars:The Force Awakens(this was a surprise) and Zootopia. This is going to be so great(7t). I get my new companion tomorrow and I am ready for more missionary work. So Lets Do it!!(you will only get that if you have figured out my companions name.

Elder Stokes

Here is the photo of Joshua speaking to us on Christmas.  It was awesome!!

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