Monday, December 19, 2016

The Letter of Today

Hey everybody,
This last week has been awesome but really kind of empty. Its really interesting to have two wards and 1 of the ward's investigators are doing awesome and are progressing well. While the other ward's investigators are all out of town. So that makes half of our Ward meetings make us feel awesome and the other half is making us feel like we need to do more. It really helps you stay humble and is helping to work on both our teaching and our finding methods alot.
We had a really cool thing happen this week. So we were doing exchanges with the Zone leaders this last Wednesday which also happened to be the day of District Meeting and District lunch. I was with Elder Khamvongsouk( also known as Elder K.) we did some service then went to district lunch at a Chinese place. While we were at lunch we were paying for our meal when 2 ladies asked us about our beliefs. well we answered her questions and kind of had a lesson right there. and let me tell you, there is a reason we are called to teach 2 by 2 and not 6 by 6. It was kind of messy and Elder K. had to try and bring it to a summary so that we wouldn't leave them with tons of confusing info. But the Brentwood 3rd elders set a return appointment with them so that should hopefully help.Then we had District mtg. and the training was on getting an investigator to say a kneeling prayer at the end of the lesson. Then later that day me and Elder K. were in a lesson with James where we invited him to pray, well it did't seem like he wanted and he said he was nervous about doing it in front of us. Well with a lot of the use of the training that we got earlier that day we were able to help him pray and even though it took a long time he said a kneeling prayer with us. And then he came to church on Sunday so that is a really cool experience of using the training to help our investigators right after we received the training. So that was a very fun exchange.
We also took Julian to the baptism yesterday, but we weren't able to talk to him after words so we just set a appointment for this evening so that will hopefully go well and he will feel like he is ready to be baptized.
I can't believe it is so close to Christmas and I can't wait. Thank you for all the packages and Merry Christmas. 
Elder Stokes

Some Pictures ( District and Apartment)

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