Monday, January 30, 2017

Hey Everybody

We had some really cool things happen this week it was awesome.
The First thing that happened is a change in the rules. During the missionary broadcast they let us know about two things happening. There was a change in the schedule that Missionaries need to follow and a change in the the Key Indicators that we are supposed to keep track of. In the Schedule change they changed the time we are supposed to do planning to the morning and they changed everything into blocks. In that as long as you do everything you need to do in the time block then it doesn't matter what order it is in. I think that this change will help Missionaries be more responsible in making there schedule for the day. Instead of it being a rigid schedule, it is now more up to the missionaries what they need to do and is thus more flexible. The change in Key indicators is that there are now only 4(Baptized, Confirmed, Investigators at Sacrament Mtg., and New investigators.) this is a big change from the old 9 plus one that the Mission President is supposed to create. They said this is to more focus missionaries on baptizing converts and Our Purpose. I think it will help missionaries be more accountable for what they do in a week and will hopefully focus more on bringing Investigators to church.
On Tuesday I had a great day of Exchanges. I got to go with Elder Pike and it was great. I was in the YSA for a day and we had a lot of driving to do. I think that the coolest thing that happened all day was a dog. There was this dog in the one are that we went to. It looked like a shag rug and it was small and cute. but then it tried to get us to go away. When we walked toward it, it ran away wimpering. Then it came right back barking at us.
The next awesome thing that happened was Jacobs Baptism. There whole family was there and it was great. I am so happy that he was baptized. I also had to give a talk in Brentwood 2nd on Member Missionary work. so that was cool that is what happened Sat. and Sun.

Elder Stokes

Pics: Bowling, Baptism, and cool car

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