Monday, January 16, 2017

the week of stuff

So this last week has been really awesome and a lot of fun. I has a great time being out here in the rain. yes it rained, and yes I loved it. but it really rained a lot out here I mean there was this little stream that had a little water but after the rain it filled almost to the top and was almost overflowing. It is a very interesting kind of rain it will be light but then I will just pour for about an hour. But we had some great lessons this week. We had our lesson with James that went well and our lesson with Jacob. We also started teaching Julian the New Member Lessons. We haven't been able to meet with Garland and We really want to because I think that him and Elder Dewitt are a lot alike. When we try and go finding in the rain it hasn't really worked but apparently if you tract in the rain you will have a more beautiful wife(yes, I did here that from a zone leader). So yay for tracting in the rain. Though we seem to be getting potentials that we can go by and hopefully find some investigators. My favorite part of this last week was that Trina and Derek came to church. Even though Trina is pretty far along pregnant. She says I will be easier for her to come at 9 than at 11. so that is really cool and we hope everything keeps going well with them. Well that is it for this last week. Goodbye
Elder Stokes

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