Monday, January 23, 2017


Hello all,
Well this last week has been really boring. We have been trying to get together a baptism that will be happening this next Saturday so that has been stressful. I think that it is even more stressful is that we kind of procrastinated some of the things so we will have to be really fast in setting everything up. I hope that it goes well and that he will be be baptized without any problems. I think this will be great. This last week got to meet with some really cool members and try to get some referrals. But we haven't had any luck. Most of them just talk a little about how they are working on somebody but don't give us any referrals to help them so that has been kind of interesting. It hasn't really helped that I have been here for a long time so I have noticed that they sometimes say the same person but had forgotten that they had told me this before. My highlight for this last week is that we have been doing a lot of service so that has been great and it really fills the time when everyone is gone. well this week wasn't super eventful so that is it.

Elder Stokes

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